The Absence Of His Beautiful Life Grows Stronger Every Day

Chapter 7.

As time progresses, nearly every other tangible evidence that Joe existed is being worn away.

Yes, there are photographs but even they are growing old while he is not. There are no longer fresh adventures captured on the phone. No new Facebook, Instagram or Twitter posts. No new anything.

And as he becomes less relevant to other people’s lives, the gap between my experience and their’s grows ever larger. Because he is just as relevant to my life as he ever was.

His absence grows larger. Every. single. day.

And sometimes, when it seems the world has forgotten him. When all the bits and pieces of who he was in life and how he touched others are floating away in the ocean of human activity, it looms larger. I often become angry friends have moved on. Do they ever think of him? Will they remember his unconditional love and friendship? I envy their laughter in photos posted to Instagram or Facebook; their joys and new chapters in life. Those moments he will never experience.

On those days I cry more, I’m sad more, I’m lost more than ever. And, when those days happen I may talk of him more. More importantly, on those days I might have to pull out the old photos and post them online.

Bear with me, please.

I need others to remember too.



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E.M. Suarez

E.M. Suarez

I’m a mother of 3 children. I unexpectedly lost my only son on 5/28/18. I love to write about Joe’s life. Say his name. He deserves to be remembered.